Our Personal Shopper will pick and pack your order and bring it to your car or deliver to your home. A great way to shop local and stay safe.
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CURBSIDE HOURS: 11am - 5pm Monday-Saturday and Sunday's 12-4pm.
DELIVERY TIMES:  Monday-Friday for Brookhaven, Chamblee and the North Decatur/Druid Hills/Emory area including a 2 mile radius around our Decatur Location. Want to shop with us but live outside this area? NO PROBLEM! We utilize a third party delivery service called MyPanda which will deliver your order for just $15. 

 If your need your order to be delivered no matter where you live, make sure to note that on the form below.
How do I make an order?

1. Enter your contact information.
2. Enter all items that you would like to purchase on the lines provided. Anything that doesn't fit on the lines you can enter into the text box at the bottom of the form. 
3. Please be as specific as you can, but don't worry if you can't remember a brand. Entering Elderberry Syrup or Vitamin C will work just fine.
4. Once you are finished, click submit. Then wait for us to call you. Please give our intake person a chance to process.
5. Be prepared for a call from 404-254-0330 within an hour of when you placed your order. If placing your order after 5pm, you will not receive a call until the next morning by 11am. If placing your order after 5pm on Friday, you will not receive a call until Sunday morning. Please manage expectations and know that we are doing the best we can to help you during this time. We are always happy to help you in store during the time our Curbside Pickup is not available.

Once I place my order, what happens?

1. When you click submit, your order is emailed directly to our intake person. They will then pull your order based on what is in stock in the store. 
2. Within an hour, you will receive a phone call to confirm what is in stock. Any substitutions or additions can be added at this time. We will also need payment over the phone when we call, so please be prepared. Orders placed after 5pm will be notified the next morning. Be on the lookout for the number 404-254-0330.
3. From there, your order will be packaged with your receipt stapled to it and placed in our Curbside Pickup location (or the cooler if you ordered something refrigerated).
4. When you arrive in our parking lot, simply call us and we will bring your order to you!
Please include brand, item, and quantity.
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